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Jeera rice recipe | restaurant style cummin Rice | quick jeera pulao

 About Jeera Rice Jeera is the Indian Hindi word for cumin. Jeera rice is rice cooked with cumin butter also called jeera-rice. As Chapati is easy to make, so is Jeera Rice . This recipe is a side dish for Indian people. Cumin is also known as Jeera in Hindi hence the name of this dish is Jeera Rice. Many spices are used to cook all the dishes in India in which cumin plays a major role. It adds flavor and aroma to the dish. You get iron, copper, and many other nutrients from cumin seeds. Cumin works great in your digestion. Indian food is heavy so some people enjoy serving this rice with heavy items like curry and dal. This is an aromatic rice dish that is spiced with mild spices and has a distinct taste of cumin. Fragrant rice has long grains of rice along with cumin seeds and green chilies that pair well with your other dishes. Cumin takes this dish to a whole new level. To prepare this dish, long-grain rice is first Cooked with whole spices. Then cumin seeds and green chil

Paneer Paratha recipe | how to make Punjabi Style paneer paratha recipe

About Paneer Paratha

 Paneer Paratha is one of the most popular paratha varieties of Punjab.  Paneer Paratha is a popular North Indian dish made from wheat flour and stuffed with grated paneer.  Coriander and green chilies crushed in a mixture are right.  In our home, my mom makes different types of parathas like methi paratha, aloo paratha, gobi paratha, and onion paratha and we like them very much.  This dish is not just for breakfast, you can have it for lunch or dinner as well. Normally, wherever you go, you will find parathas.  To date, I have only tasted Punjabi paratha at home and nowhere else.

Paneer Paratha

I want to share this recipe with our little family who likes me to eat paratha for breakfast.  Even today we make paneer in our homes.  However, women in India make their paneer by adding drops of buttermilk or lemon juice to milk. If you make it at home, you can use paneer for many other dishes. Just adding grated paneer and some spices makes this recipe.  Keep in mind that the paneer ( Indian cheese cottage) bought from the market is hard, so keep it in water or outside for a while so that it becomes soft.  To prevent your paratha from breaking or tearing, use fine spices wherever possible.

If a house guest or your child wants to eat, then you can make this simple recipe in a short time.  This dish is perfect for school or office breakfast.

If paneer paratha is accompanied by curd or coriander green chutney, the fun becomes something different.  Other than that, it is eaten with mango pickle or butter and yes tea is also eaten.






1. Wheat flour - 250 grams

2. Paneer - 100 grams

3.  Green Chilli – 2 

4. Ginger – 1 

5. Green coriander - finely chopped

6. Coriander powder - 1 tablespoon 

7. Red chili powder - half a tablespoon 

8. Salt - as per the test

9. Oil or Ghee


(1) Sieve the flour and take it out in a vessel. Put half a teaspoon salt and 2 teaspoons oil in the flour. With the help of lukewarm water, knead soft dough.

(2) Grate the cheese. Add green chilies, ginger, green coriander, coriander powder, red chili powder, and salt. This paneer pithi is ready to be stuffed in parantha. 

(4) Keep the griddle on the gas and heat it. Break a little dough from the dough, and make round balls. Dip the ball in dry flour and roll it into a 3-inch diameter circle.

(5) Take out 2 teaspoons of paneer from the pithi and place it on the rolled parantha. Lift the parantha from all sides and close the cheese wrap.

(6) Make these paneer-filled balls bigger with the help of your palm and fingers, this is called making chakloi. With the help of a rolling pin, roll the chakloi into a round shape of 5-6 inches in diameter. Put the rolled parantha on a hot griddle. Apply ghee on both sides and cook till it turns brown. Lift the parantha from the griddle and keep it on a plate covered with kitchen napkin paper. 

(7) Prepare all the parathas in the same way.

(8) Serve and eat hot paneer Paratha, potato peas curry, raita, chutney, and your favorite vegetable.

Paneer Paratha


Q. Is paneer paratha good for health?

• Yes, paneer paratha has a good source of protein and calcium.

Q. What is paneer paratha made of?

• This dish is made from wheat flour and stuffed with grated paneer.

Q. Which paratha is tasty? 

• Potatoes Paratha I loved it.

Q. What is paratha called in English?

•  flat unleavened bread.

Q. What is roti called in English?

•  Bread 

Q. How many types of paratha are there?

• makes different types of parathas like methi paratha, aloo paratha, gobi paratha, and onion paratha.

Q. Can paratha be frozen?

• Yes

Q. Which city is famous for Paratha?

• Punjab

I hope you like this recipe and let me know how you make it at home in the comments.

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