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Jeera rice recipe | restaurant style cummin Rice | quick jeera pulao

 About Jeera Rice Jeera is the Indian Hindi word for cumin. Jeera rice is rice cooked with cumin butter also called jeera-rice. As Chapati is easy to make, so is Jeera Rice . This recipe is a side dish for Indian people. Cumin is also known as Jeera in Hindi hence the name of this dish is Jeera Rice. Many spices are used to cook all the dishes in India in which cumin plays a major role. It adds flavor and aroma to the dish. You get iron, copper, and many other nutrients from cumin seeds. Cumin works great in your digestion. Indian food is heavy so some people enjoy serving this rice with heavy items like curry and dal. This is an aromatic rice dish that is spiced with mild spices and has a distinct taste of cumin. Fragrant rice has long grains of rice along with cumin seeds and green chilies that pair well with your other dishes. Cumin takes this dish to a whole new level. To prepare this dish, long-grain rice is first Cooked with whole spices. Then cumin seeds and green chil

Paneer pakora recipe | stuffed paneer pakora recipe | paneer pakoda recipe

 About Paneer Pakora 

Paneer Pakora is a quick morning snack that has a nice crispy texture with soft paneer.  Pakoda' or 'Pakora' which we call Bhajiya.  In India, you can find different varieties of pakora, which are made with different vegetables or paneer. Chickpeas flour is always used to make the fritters.  Paneer Pakoda is a popular pakoda variety that you will find in many Indian restaurants and street food.

Paneer pakoda

In India, we make pakora using vegetables or Chickpeas flour, especially during monsoons and winters.  Bhajiya can be made with all kinds of vegetables like onion, cabbage, potato, tomato, fenugreek, and capsicum chilies.  These vegetables are dipped in spicy Chickpeas flour and then deep fried in oil.  You will enjoy eating pakora hot.

Paneer pakora is also very good and melts in the mouth and the taste of eating them with chutney is different. Paneer pakora can be served with mint chutney or any chutney like schezwan sauce.

This recipe is so easy that even a beginner can make it. First of all, mix spices like coriander cumin, and red chilies in Chickpeas flour. Then add water and make a thick paste.  Then make small pieces of paneer. This homemade paneer is mostly used for paneer recipes in our house.  If you want you can also use store-bought from outside.  Then dip these paneer pieces in Chickpeas flour and deep fry them in oil. This recipe is so simple.  Below you will find the Paneer Pakoda recipe in detail.

In our house, my father loves pakora a lot, he likes to eat fenugreek and spinach.  Paneer Pakoda is a very easy and quick recipe when you have guests at your house or want to make something immediately for a function. This Paneer Pakoda breakfast will surely be loved by your family and kids.  You can serve it with chutney or hot tea.

Paneer pakora






   1. Paneer - 200 grams

   2. Besan (Chickpeas flour) - 100 gms

   3. Red Chilli - 1 tbsp

   4. Coriander powder – 2 tbsp

   5. Salt – as per taste

   6. Chaat masala - 1/2 tsp

   7. Oil – for frying


(1) First of all, sieve the Chickpeas flour with the help of a fine grater.  Then add red chilies, coriander seeds, a spoonful of oil, and salt and mix this mixture. Add water as needed and make a thick, smooth paste. Keep the flour for half an hour.

(2) Till then you cut the paneer into equal sizes.  Cut the paneer in such a way that you can tear a piece from the middle.  Keep in mind that the time does not get broken by cracking from the middle.  Then fill the chaat masala according to taste and pack the paneer.

(3) Now heat oil in a large pan or kadai.  Always heat oil on low gas.

(4) Then mix Chickpeas flour well with masala again.  Take a square piece of paneer, roll it in Chickpeas flour, and put it in a pan to fry.  Flip the pakora gently with the help of a small tong.  Similarly, coat another square piece of paneer in Chickpeas flour and fry on medium gas.  Fry only 2-3 pakoda till done in a kadai.  Fry until the color of the paneer pakoda turns dark brown. Then take out the fried pakora on a plate.  Prepare all the pakora in the same way.

(5) Your delicious paneer pakora dish is ready.  Serve the pakoras hot, with coriander or tomato chutney, and eat.

Paneer pakora


Q. What is paneer pakora made of?

• These paneers are dipped in  Chickpeas flour and then deep fried in oil.

Q. Are paneer pakora healthy?

• No

Q. Is pakora eaten hot or cold?

• Pakodas always taste better when served hot.

Q. How many types of pakora are there?

• There are 15 types of pakoras that you must try viz, paneer pakora, Prawns Pakora, Soybean Pakora, Moong Dal Pakora, spinach pakora, chicken pakora, Gobi pakora, Bread Pakora With Potato Stuffed, etc.

Q. Why are my pakoras dry?

• This could be due to your oil not being hot enough.

Which salt makes pakora crispy?

• sodium hydrogen carbonate.

Q. How can pakoda absorb less oil?

• Add rice flour 

Q. Which substance is used for making tasty crispy pakoras?

• sodium carbonate

Q. What is pakora called?

• Pakoda, bhaji,  pikora, bhajiya, bora, ponako, and chop.

I hope you like this recipe and let me know in the comments how you make it at home.

 Thanks for reading….


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