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Jeera rice recipe | restaurant style cummin Rice | quick jeera pulao

 About Jeera Rice Jeera is the Indian Hindi word for cumin. Jeera rice is rice cooked with cumin butter also called jeera-rice. As Chapati is easy to make, so is Jeera Rice . This recipe is a side dish for Indian people. Cumin is also known as Jeera in Hindi hence the name of this dish is Jeera Rice. Many spices are used to cook all the dishes in India in which cumin plays a major role. It adds flavor and aroma to the dish. You get iron, copper, and many other nutrients from cumin seeds. Cumin works great in your digestion. Indian food is heavy so some people enjoy serving this rice with heavy items like curry and dal. This is an aromatic rice dish that is spiced with mild spices and has a distinct taste of cumin. Fragrant rice has long grains of rice along with cumin seeds and green chilies that pair well with your other dishes. Cumin takes this dish to a whole new level. To prepare this dish, long-grain rice is first Cooked with whole spices. Then cumin seeds and green chil

Choco chips Recipe | how to make homemade chocolate chips

 About Choco chips 

Normally everyone likes chocolate whether it is a small child or an 80-year-old man.However, in India, if a little boy cries, chocolate is the first offer to calm him down.  There is no significant difference between chocolate and choco chips.

Choco chips

From my understanding, no one ever thought that let's make choco chips because this is something that you can find in any shop in the market.  This is a very simple dish.  Which you can make and store for a long time.

We will not use the oven in this recipe, we will take water in a normal pan and make it, so there is no need to take any tension for those who do not have an oven.

Choco chips can be made using white chocolate or milk chocolate. There are different types of chocolate, some of which are bittersweet, peanut butter, butterscotch, mint chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate.  Chocolate chips can be used in cookies, pancakes, waffles, cakes, puddings, muffins, crepes, pies, hot chocolate, and various pastries.  It is used as a topping for ice cream and sundaes. Chocolate chips are a very important ingredient used in baking.





 1. Cooking chocolate 1 cube

 2. ( Compound Chocolate )

 3. (White/Dark/Milk Chocolate)

 4. Butter paper plate size

 5. Making butter paper cones

Choco chips


 1. Make a butter paper cone.

 2.  Take a piece of chocolate and cut it into pieces, heat water in a small pan, put the chocolate pieces in another bowl, and heat it with a spoon until the chocolate melts.

 3.  Now take a tray and place butter paper on it.

 4.  Fill in the chocolate.  and cut the point of the cone.  Do not make too big a hole.  Now dot the cone on the paper.

 5. Now place the tray in the fridge.

 6.  Take out after 5 minutes and remove the chips from the paper.

Tips For choco Chips 

 •  The chocolate should only be heated until it melts.  Do not overdo it.

 •  If it is too thin and it seems that it will spread instead of dots.  Then after it becomes moderately thick, fill in the cone.

 •  Chips can be made on any plate instead of butter paper.  Dot the plate with butter.

 •   Dark or milk chocolate chips can be made in this way.  Here is White Chocolate.


Q. What are choco chips made of?

__ chocolate chips were made of dark chocolate & white chocolate.

Q. Is Choco good for kids?

__ Children are age-dependent but not given to children below one year.

Q. Are choco chips vegan?

__ yes

Q. Which chocolate is best?

__ Dark chocolate

Q. What country eats the most chocolate chips?

__ Switzerland 

Q. What country produces the most chocolate chips?

__ United States 

I hope you like this recipe and let me know how you make it at home in the comments.

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