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Jeera rice recipe | restaurant style cummin Rice | quick jeera pulao

 About Jeera Rice Jeera is the Indian Hindi word for cumin. Jeera rice is rice cooked with cumin butter also called jeera-rice. As Chapati is easy to make, so is Jeera Rice . This recipe is a side dish for Indian people. Cumin is also known as Jeera in Hindi hence the name of this dish is Jeera Rice. Many spices are used to cook all the dishes in India in which cumin plays a major role. It adds flavor and aroma to the dish. You get iron, copper, and many other nutrients from cumin seeds. Cumin works great in your digestion. Indian food is heavy so some people enjoy serving this rice with heavy items like curry and dal. This is an aromatic rice dish that is spiced with mild spices and has a distinct taste of cumin. Fragrant rice has long grains of rice along with cumin seeds and green chilies that pair well with your other dishes. Cumin takes this dish to a whole new level. To prepare this dish, long-grain rice is first Cooked with whole spices. Then cumin seeds and green chil

2 minute brownie recipe | microwave brownie recipe

 About Eggless Brownie

This is one such recipe from Eagles Brown that is great for vegetarians.  Who doesn't even like to eat eggs?  The idea of making this dish came to me when I went to an ice cream shop and a little boy was insisting on brownie mate.  I laughed once that at this age, what is the difference between a brownie and an ice cream?  I reached home and thought why not make a brownie of this type that everyone can make at home?  I wanted the recipe to be easy for everyone to make, so I used cocoa powder in this one.


These chocolate brownies are soft and full of sweetness to make you feel soft, moist, and cakey.  I didn't add any dry fruits to this but if you want you can add chopped roasted almonds or cashews or walnuts to the brownie.

I made this chocolate brownie recipe with milk, sugar, cocoa powder, wheat flour, and oil.  I have used ingredients that are easily available in your home.  My advice is to use as much cocoa powder as possible so that the color of your brown will be good. I enjoyed these recipes, you will enjoy them too.


Eggless brownie






 1. 1/2 wheat flour

 2. 3/4 cup brown sugar

 3. 4 tbsp cocoa

 4. 4 tbsp milk

 5. Flat salt

 6. 4 tbsp oil


 1. Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl

 2. Now take oil and milk in the mug

 3. Now mix everything

 4. Take it in a microwave-proof bowl and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes.

 5. Check and wait for 30 seconds if necessary.

 6. Serve with ice cream.

Eggless brownie


Q. What are the three types of brownies?

• Cakey, fudgy and chewy. 

Q. What are brownies made of?

• flour, oil, sugar, Milk, and cocoa powder.

Q. Do brownies taste better with butter or oil?

• In My opinion butter is best.

Q. Should I use milk or water for brownies?

• Milk

Q. Which sugar is better for brownies?

• Brown sugar

Q. Why do you put salt in brownies?

•Salt is a flavor enhancer ingredient, so using salt in desserts enhances the sweetness of the dish.

I hope you like this recipe and let me know how you make it at home in the comments.

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